With abundant and affordable resources and a motivated workforce, Altavista, Virginia is well-suited for most employers. As we look at our area’s many assets — low-cost utilities, location, transportation assets, training opportunities, and more — we recognize that our area is the ideal location for major industries such as:

FOOD AND BEVERAGE COMPANIES appreciate the affordability and clarity of our natural water sources that need minimal treatment before being used. That’s why companies such as Abbott Nutrition chose to locate major production operations in our community.

PLASTICS & CHEMICAL PRODUCERS will find a ready, well-trained workforce, as well as plenty of low-cost electricity and steam for production needs.

DISTRIBUTION & LOGISTICS providers know the benefits of our central location, railway connections, nearby ports, and Interstate-quality Highway 29, which provides fast access to Interstates 81 and 64.

TECHNOLOGY companies need security and infrastructure, and Altavista is located along a major fiber trunk, with the natural security and minimal seismic activity afforded by our mountain setting. Coupled with our residents’ strong work ethic, that makes us a great site for data and call centers.

MANUFACTURERS will be pleased to know that the workforce in Altavista truly understands the meaning of the word “work.” It’s a point of community pride for them. Add in the great location and the highway and rail connectivity and you’ll quickly see why Altavista is the right place for manufacturing and fabrication.